Handbook of Econometrics | Volume 1

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Handbook of Econometrics | Volume 1

Volume 1

Edited by: Zvi Griliches and Michael D. Intriligator

Part 1 - Mathematical and Statistical Methods in Econometrics


1. Linear Algebra and Matrix Methods in Econometrics - Henri Theil
2. Statistical Theory and Econometrics - Arnold Zellner

Part 2 - Econometric Models


3. Economic and Econometric Models - Michael D. Intriligator
4. Identification - Cheng Hsiao
5. Model Choice and Specification Analysis - Edward E. Leamer

Part 3 - Estimation and Computation


6. Non-linear Regression Models - Takeshi Amemiya
7. Specification and Estimation of Simultaneous Equation Models - Jerry A. Hausman
8. Exact Small Sample Theory in the Simultaneous Equations Model - P. C. B. Phillips
9. Bayesian Analysis of Simultaneous Equation Systems - Jacques H. Drèze and Jean-François Richard
10. Biased Estimation - G. G. Judge and M. E. Bock
11. Estimation for Dirty Data and Flawed Models - William S. Krasker, Edwin Kuh and Roy E. Welsch
12. Computational Problems and Methods - Richard E. Quandt

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