Handbook of Econometrics | Vol. 3

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Handbook of Econometrics | Vol. 3

Handbook of Econometrics Vol. 3

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Part 7 - Special Topics in Econometrics: 2

25. Economic Data Issues - Zvi Griliches
26. Functional Forms in Econometric Model Building - Lawrence J. Lau
27. Limited Dependent Variables - Phoebus J. Dhrymes
28. Disequilibrium, Self-selection, and Switching Models - G. S. Maddala
29. Econometric Analysis of Longitudinal Data - J. J. Heckman and B. Singer

Part 8 - Selected Applications and Uses of Econometrics

30. Demand Analysis - Angus Deaton
31. Econometric Methods for Modeling Producer Behavior - Dale W. Jorgenson
32. Labor Econometrics - James J. Heckman and Thomas E. Macurdy
33. Evaluating the Predictive Accuracy of Models - Ray C. Fair
34. New Econometric Approaches to Stabilization Policy in Stochastic Models of Macroeconomic Fluctuations - John B. Taylor
35. Economic Policy Formation: Theory and Implementation (Applied Econometrics in the Public Sector) - Lawrence R. Klein

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