The Healthy Heart HandBook for Women

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The Healthy Heart HandBook for Women

Marian Sandmaier, «The Healthy Heart HandBook for Women»
NIH Publication | ISBN 0756743532 | PDF | 110 Pages | 1,38 Mb | 2005 Year

■ One in 2 women in the United States dies of heart disease or stroke, while 1 in 30 dies of breast cancer.
■ Thirty-eight percent of women will die within 1 year after having a heart attack.
■ Within 6 years of having a heart attack, about 46 percent of women become disabled with heart failure. Two-thirds of women who have a heart attack fail to make a full recovery.
The Healthy Heart Handbook for Womenwill give you new information on women’s heart disease and practical suggestions for reducing your own personal risk of heart-related problems.