Hebrews, Greeks, & Romans - The Foundation of Western Civilization (Audiobook)

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Introductory Remarks

Lecture 1 Hebrews, Greeks, and Romans: The Foundations of Western Civilization

Lecture 2 The Hebrew Bible: Overview and Genesis

Lecture 3 The Hebrew Bible: Exodus, David, the Prophets and Job

Lecture 4 Homer and the Iliad

Lecture 5 Homer: the Odyssey, and the Birth of Tragedy

Lecture 6 Aeschylus and the Greek Drama

Lecture 7 Herodotus and Thucydides: Historians and Hellenism

Lecture 8 Socrates and Plato

Lecture 9 Plato and Aristotle

Lecture 10 Virgil and the Aeneid

Lecture 11 Virgil and Ovid

Lecture 12 The Christian Bible: the Gospels

Lecture 13 The Christian Bible: the Diaspora and St. Paul

Lecture 14 Plotinus, St. Augustine: the End of Antiquity, and the Medieval

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Parts 01-08 at 24Mb; Part 09 9MB
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