HF Filter Design and Computer Simulation

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HF Filter Design and Computer Simulation

Publisher: Noble Publishing Associates
Language: English
ISBN: 1884932258

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About the book :

A book for engineers who design and build filters of all types, including lumped element, coaxial, helical, dielectric resonator, stripline and microstrip types. A thorough review of classic and modern filter design techniques, containing extensive practical design information of passband characteristics, topologies and transformations, component effects and matching. An excellent text for the design and construction of microstrip filters.

From the Publisher
HF Filter Design and Computer Simulation is a complete guide for printed and L-C filters for RF and microwave applications. It includes easy to understand theory, accurate element models, CAD design, many filter types and practical application issues. Rhea's book goes beyond just theory by describing in detail the design of filters from concept through fabricated units, complete photographs and measured data. This text is a must for all high frequency filter designers. 448 pages, 180 figures, 62 tables, 301 equations