Hiring Independent Contractors The Employer`s Legal Guide 4th

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Stephen Fishman, «Managment – Hiring Independent Contractors The Employer`s Legal Guide» 4th Edition | Ebook 2003 | ISBN 0873379187 | CHM | 296 pages | 5 Mb

This guide shows you how to avoid common hiring mistakes, safeguard your company’s intellectual property, handle—and settle—an IRS audit, assess the benefits and risks of hiring freelancers, and more.
Using independent contractors can save you a bundle -- but the rules about who qualifies are complicated, and misclassifying a worker can result in serious financial penalties in a state or federal audit.

If you hire programmers, writers, designers, marketing consultants, nurses, janitors, telemarketers, drivers or anyone else on a contractual basis, you need Hiring Independent Contractors. This book shows you how to:

* assess who qualifies as an independent contractor
* hire ICs without risking an audit
* retain ownership of intellectual property when using ICs
* handle an IRS audit
* take advantage of the IRS's "Safe Harbor" law