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A History of Rome by Cyril Robinson Vol.I and II - Audio book

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Contents of Volume I:
A HISTORY OF ROME is the story of a tiny market town on the Tiber, its rise to world domination, and then its slow, terrible plunge to utter ruin. It is the single greatest event in all human history. Discover the fascinating origin of Rome and its Etruscan connections, its first faltering steps toward republican government, and its methodical subjugation of surrounding tribes. Gradually, Rome asserts control over all of Italy, then comes into conflict with Carthage and Hannibal. The Republic is next drawn into the intrigues of the eastern Mediterranean, finally conquering the Greek speaking world...and succumbing to Hellenic culture. Follow the rise of Marius, Sulla, Pompey and the greatest Roman of them all – Julius Caesar.

Contents of Volume II:
A HISTORY OF ROME continues with the assassination of Julius Caesar. Augustus comes to power and puts into place the most extraordinary experiment in imperial government ever attempted, and in the process paves the way for a long period of peace, the likes of which has never since been seen. The Empire is ruled by one dynasty after another until it reaches its apogee during the age of the Antonine emperors. But chaos follows, and only the strong leadership of Diocletion brings stability. Constantine’s leadership promotes the new faith of Christianity, but the downward spiral of decay cannot be reversed. Economic disruptions and barbarian invasions prove too much for Rome, and the western half of the empire disintegrates into a brutal dark age.