HIV, Health & Your Community

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HIV, Health and Your Community:
A Guide for Action
by Reuben Granich and Jonathan Mermin
Updated 2006
248 pages, illustrated

This comprehensive, easy-to-understand guide to combating HIV is equally useful in a rurual village in southern Africa, a major city in Thailand, or a Peace Corps worker's backpack. Designed for people confronting HIV in places with few medical resources, it is easily accessible to those without advanced technical knowledge and without prior training in the care of people with AIDS or in the prevention of HIV. Interventions and treatments emphasized are available to the majority of the people in the world who have HIV, and focus on community-based solutions that are possible in poor communities.

Topics include: biology of the virus, strategies for prevention, symptoms and epidemiology of the disease, counseling for people with HIV and their families, how to care for people with HIV, and even writing grant proposals.

What people have to say about HIV, Health and Your Community:

"I found the book to be very thorough and was particularly happy to see the HIV test chapter - this is an area where our programs face many questions… As I'm sure you are aware, one of the challenges of providing resource material - even very user-friendly resource material is ensuring its effective use. As World Neighbors focuses more on HIV/AIDS in the coming year, we feel it is important that this type of guide be supported by some additional hands-on training. In East Africa, our program has worked with partners in the area of developing effective counseling skills and also has become more involved in youth programming and we find it very useful to have a resource guide, like this one, which is so clearly structured to support training activities."
-Catharine McKaig, DrPH, MS, Reproductive Health Coordinator
Africa Region, World Neighbors

"…as I write, your guide is open on my desk because friends in Thailand and I are writing a home care and community support project and I faxed them Chapter 13 to help them structure their ideas! I love the book, from the language to the illustrations and find it really comprehensive, understandable and most of all practical and useful from the point of view of people on the ground who need precisely this type of information to enhance their work. Congratulations, I'm truly impressed by the accessibility, thoughtfulness and inclusiveness of your work here."
-Karyn Kaplan, HIV Program Coordinator
The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC)

"This book is easy to read and understandable. It provides useful data related to HIV/AIDS in a simple terminology. It will help the primary health care workers who work in the community as well as other medical personnel to further understanding to the general public."
-Dr. Khanchit Limpakarnjanarat
The HIV/AIDS Collaboration, Nepal

"The book(s) came at a very crucial time in our organization as we are set to hold a seminar on gender and HIV/AIDS in Nigeria by the second week in September. Thanks for your wonderful support and pray that collaboration with your foundation will go a long way in addressing the health issues in or community…"
-Nwadihi Faith, Executive Director
Koyenum Immalah Foundation, Nigeria

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