Roger A. Grimes, "Honeypots for Windows (The Experts Voice)"

Posted By: HawkEye

Roger A. Grimes, "Honeypots for Windows (The Experts Voice)" Apress
ISBN 1590593359 | 2005 Year | CHM | 16,8 Mb | 424 Pages

The Book will cover installing, configuring, and maintaining security Honeypots on Windows platforms. The Book will specifically cover the popular open source Honeypot product called honeyd, and summarize other commercial Honeypot solutions. There are no computer security books covering Honeypots (or IDSs) as they run on Windows platforms.

Developers who are tired of reading Unix and Linux documentation and newsgroups to get information on how to build and maintain a Windows-based Honeypot this book is for you. No longer will you have to rummage through Unix-only advice and utilities to pull out the information that related to your Windows deployment. No longer will you have to listen to some Unix head bash Microsoft and Bill Gates when all you wanted to know is why your Honeypot wasn’t working. Learn special tricks and troubleshooting hints to run a Windows-based Honeypot.

Target audience: Windows network and security administrators; intrusion detection software users; subscribers to Honeypot mailing list; readers of other author’s Honeypot books - all are very Unix-centric