Textbook of Clinical Trials

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“…very useful as an introduction to clinical research, or for those planning specific studies within therapeutic or disease areas.” (British Journal of Surgery, Vol.92, No.2, February 2005)

Book Description
A comprehensive volume on clinical trials that covers all important disease and therapeutic areas together with methodologies, phase I/II/III studies and other issues.

The volume catalogues the impact of clinical trials on the practice of medicine and discusses the developments and practice of medical statistics. Cancer, cardiovascular disease, dermatological, dental, mental, ophthalmic health, gynaecology and respiratory diseases are all discussed in separate chapters, with discussions on outcome measures, competing risks and statistical models given for each therapy area.

It also presents:
A history of clinical trials
A summary of pertinent statistical issues
How to choose a clinical trial design
Ethical constraints and considerations
Clinical trial issues in paediatrics and those involving older patients
Clinical trials in complementary medicine