Surgical Oncology

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Peter R. Jochimsen, MD(University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics)Doody Book Review Service
An admirable addition…texts that provide students with a manageable and very understandable reference to the topics of surgical oncology.

Book Description
This book presents the most important information in surgical oncology in an easily accessible manner. It can be read during the length of a rotation on a surgical oncology service. Chapters are arranged by organ involvement. Each chapter begins with epidemiology and screening following by methods of diagnosis, preoperative evaluation and staging. Treatment options and outcomes and post-treatment surveillance are described. Important aspects of radiation and systemic therapies are also addressed in separate chapters. In the past several years a new generation of surgical oncologists has been trained in the U.S. Few academic progams are now without a service devoted to surgial oncology. This book is written to aid that group of surgical oncologists in training surgeons to become educated collaborators in medical decision-making. This comprehensive spiral-bound handbook fits in the pocket of a hospital coat.