How to make stuff

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How to make stuff

«How to make stuff»
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Congratulations. You have the most complete and informative book on recreational drug manufacture available. It is based upon a great deal of experience and a tremendous amount of research. Easy to understand terms have been used to aid in comprehension of the formulas given and in the theory involved. This book has been patterned after what would appear to be a college textbook or a college accredited correspondence course in illicit drug manufacturing. Please follow carefully the instructions and advice on safety, purification, and referred to reading

If you have any questions about even seemingly trivial details, then ask someone that knows Call a college professor, an analytical laboratory, or one of the chemical consulting firms tha exist in metropolitan areas. Aldrich Chemical Co. has a toll free number (1-800-558-9160) that enables you to ask the chemist on duty questions concerning what you may need to order from them and what cheaper analogs you may be able to substitute in the formula that you are interested in. Something that may appear to be insignificant may turn out to be the differenc between completing or failing a formula and this chemist on duty gets paid to answer any questions you may have. Do not be afraid to ask them (many other chemical suppliers have this type of service also), but do not be a total idiot in doing this. Use common sense, read up on your subject thoroughly and then you will sound like a legitimate operation, not a clandestine drug lab. You will also be able to understand this person instead of having his educated talk go in one ear and out the other. Try not to let them realize what you're making, if possible, find another use for the chemicals or reaction that is not illegal and tell them that is what you're doing. Never give a real name or address, if possible.