How to Remain Ever Happy - M.K.Gupta

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How to Remain Ever Happy - M.K.Gupta

M. K. Gupta, «How to Remain Ever Happy»
Pustak Mahal | ISBN 8122300472 | December 2004 | 155 Pages | 1,50 Mb

There was no great planning of writing this book since I have been mostly interested in reading the books rather than writing. My interest in reading has been mostly centered around knowing the truths and mysteries of life and discovering the ways to eternal happiness and dissolution of miseries and sufferings to which an ordinary human being is subjected to. I do not hesitate to disclose here that by now, I must ha e read thousands of books relating to Yoga, spirituality, human mind and also on naturopathy. There is nothing great in it. It is only a question of interest.

It suddenly dawned on me as to why not crystallize some of these ideas floating in my mind into a concise, simple and systematic form which may be easily assimilated and applied into practice by a common man. This is how the pen started and when it stopped, I found that this has become a book in itself. As I started writing, more and more ideas started pouring in. To give the ideas a proper shape in the form of a presentable book, lot of resetting, modifications, typing, retyping and all that lobour which is required for making a presentable book, was done. Now the fruits of this labour are in your hand. I will consider this labour well spent if the book proves to be some value to you. After all final evaluation of the ideas and wisdom of the book lies in the hands of readers only.

The writing contained herein are not only based on my study of innumerable books but are also corroborated by my personal experiences and realizations in life. I request the readers not to read this book casually like a cheap novel. Read it not in hurry bun when you are at leisure and at peace, free from disturbances and distractions.