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HVDC and FACTS Controllers: Applications of Static Converters in Power Systems

Posted By: booty
"HVDC and FACTS Controllers: Applications of StaticConverters in Power" "Systems" focuses on the technical advancesand developments that have taken place in the past ten years or so inthe fields of High Voltage DC transmission and Flexible ACtransmission systems. These advances (in HVDC transmission and FACTS)have added a new dimension to power transmission capabilities. Thebook covers a wide variety of topics, some of which are listed below: Inaddition to EHV transmission, HVDC technology has impacted on a numberof other areas as well. As an example, a chapter dealing with HVDCLight applications is included providing recent information on bothon-shore and off-shore applications of wind farms."HVDC and FACTS Controllers: Applications of Static Converters inPower" "Systems" is meant for senior undergraduate, graduatestudents and professional power systems engineers. Mathematicaltreatment of the subject has been kept to a minimum and emphasis hasbeen placed on principles and practical applications. Applicationsfrom major manufacturers are included to provide useable informationfor the practicing power systems engineer.

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