Information Systems-The State of the Field

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Information Systems-The State of the Field

Information Systems-The State of the Field
Wiley | PDF | 2006 Year | 2 Mb

Discussion of the precise nature of the Information System discipline has raged for more than twenty years and continues fiercely today. The most interesting aspect of recent debate is not only the sharpness and depth of the arguments, but the diverse conclusions arrived at by participants. Whilst very different, these have all been reached with the genuine aim of strengthening IS scholarship, and they all add to our specific understanding of the discipline in the last two decades. Edited by two of the most prominent academics in the field, this book brings together such perspectives along with wider contextual discussion to provide a fertile ground for reflection, learning and further debate.

From the Inside Flap
This volume explores key questions on the state of the information systems field:
What is at the core of the IS field?
What part does the ‘IT artifact’ play in the shaping of the field?
What are the best ways to build the identity, legitimacy and institutional strength of the field?
What roles do analytical, empirical and design perspectives play?
How does the field best balance its intellectual and professional dimensions?
How best can the IS field be sustained as a learning community?

The volume offers a unique set of influential essays from thought leaders in the field, followed by commentaries and critical reflections on what can be learned from the ongoing debate as the field moves forward in the 21st century.


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