Pradyot Patnaik, "Handbook of Inorganic Chemicals"

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Pradyot Patnaik, "Handbook of Inorganic Chemicals"
McGraw-Hill Professional | ISBN 0070494398 | 2002 Year | linked PDF-files | 3,91 Mb | 1086 Pages

The Handbook is an encyclopedia with Chemical Abstracts Service Registry Numbers (CASRN), formulas, synonyms, origins, uses, physical and thermochemical properties, preparation, uses, and reactions, analysis, and toxicity or hazards of some 2,000 industrially important inorganic chemicals, including elements and compounds.

Entries vary in length, depending on what is known about different compounds and probably indicating the relative industrial importance. Some entries include the history of the particular element or compound. The value of this work is in how it gathers information from a variety of sources and puts it in one volume...if readers need a quick reference book about the nature of the specific elements and inorganic compounds discussed in this book, this handbook will work well...Summing Up: Recommended.