Interference Analysis And Reduction For Wireless Systems

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Interference Analysis And Reduction For Wireless Systems

P.Stavroulakis, "Interference Analysis And Reduction For Wireless Systems"
Artech House | ISBN 1-58053-316-7| 2003| PDF | 429 Pages | 5.3 MB

This leading-edge resource offers you a new methodology for analyzing and studying the behavior of wireless communication systems in an interference environment. It provides you with modern tools and techniques for use in real-world applications that help you guarantee optimum system performance. The book treats both additive and multiplicative interfering signals, including in-depth descriptions of how these signals behave, regardless of the source. Hands-on details are provided to help you categorize and quantify interference agents in communications; to assist you in identifying design parameters of wireless systems which affect and can be affected by interference; to design and develop quality metrics of wireless systems in an interference environment; develop new interference suppression and mitigation techniques; and to design practical interference cancellers for wireless systems. Over 300 equations and 80 illustrations support key topics throughout the book.