Introduction to 3D Game Engine Design Using DirectX9 and C#

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Lynn Thomas Harrison, «Introduction to 3D Game Engine Design Using DirectX9 and C#»
Apress | ISBN 1590590813 | 2003 Year | 408 Pages

Microsoft DirectX is an advanced suite of multimedia APIs built directly into Microsoft Windows operating systems. DirectX provides a standard development platform for Windows-based PCs by enabling software developers to access specialized hardware features without having to write hardware-specific code. DirectX was first introduced in 1995 and is the recognized standard for multimedia application development on the Windows platform. "Introduction to 3D Game Engine Design Using DirectX 9 and C#" will illustrate the process of creating a simple 3D game engine. During this process many facets of the DirectX 9 software will be demonstrated. The C# language is used to show the power of developing a game using a Rapid Application Development (RAD) language. During the course of the book, readers will learn to develop an off-road driving game that brings such features as management of large scenes, environmental effects, and physics into play.