Introduction to Bioinformatics

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Introduction to Bioinformatics
by Arthur M. Lesk

283 pages
Publisher: Oxford University Press (May 1, 2002)
Language: English
ISBN: 0199251967
Format: DJVU
Archive: RAR
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Book Description
Introduction to Bioinformatics by Arthur Lesk is a timely and much-needed textbook which provides an accessible and thorough introduction to a subject which is becoming a fundamental part of biological science today. As a pioneer of the use of bioinformatics techniques in research, Dr Lesk brings unrivalled experience and expertise to the study of this field. The aim of the book is to generate an understanding of the biological background of bioinformatics, and to integrate this with an introduction to the use of computational skills.Without describing computer science or sophisticated programming skills in detail, the book supports and encourages the application of the many powerful computational tools of bioinformatics in a way that is both relevant to and stimulating for the reader. The book contains numerous problems and innovative Weblems (for Web-based Problems) to encourage students to engage with the subject and with the accompanying web site and to develop a working understanding and appreciation of the power of bioinformatics as a research tool.