Introduction to Error-Correcting Codes

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Title: Introduction to Error-Correcting Codes
Author: Purser, Michael
Publisher: Artech House Publishers
Subject(s): Signal processing, Error-correcting codes (information theory), Engineering - Electrical & Electronic, Telecommunications, Error-correcting codes
Series: Artech House Telecommunications Library
Series Volume: 22
Publication Date: November 1994
Binding: Hardcover
Language: English
Illustrations: Yes
Pages: 148
ISBN: 0890067848


Guiding you from general concepts through the most common error-correcting codes applied to bit transmission in packet-switched networks and personal cellular systems, this book explains error-correction techniques using redundant bits.

An introduction to error-correcting codes, a topic of major importance in digital communication, for students and computer and communications professionals. Assumes familiarity with linear algebra. Covers block codes and distances, linear block codes, special linear cyclic codes, and cyclic BCH codes, and discusses convolutional or Trellis codes. Supporting mathematics on information theory, binomial approximations, and finite fields is contained in the appendices.

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