Solutions Manual for Introduction to Fluid Mechanics

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Solutions Manual for Introduction to Fluid Mechanics

Robert W. Fox, Alan T. McDonald and Philip J. Pritchard, «Introduction to Fluid Mechanics», 5th Edition
Wiley | ISBN 0471202312 | July 2003 | 800 Pages | 66,3 Mb

A proven problem-solving approach in Fluid Mechanics now integrated with Excel! Fox, McDonald and Pritchard provide a balanced approach to fluid mechanics that arms students with a proven problem-solving methodology. Students will learn to adopt an orderly approach to solving problems. Providing a fresh look, new co-author Philip J. Pritchard, of Manhattan College, has clarified and improved descriptions and explanations throughout the book. The text emphasizes the control volume concept to provide a practical problem solving approach that is theoretically inclusive. 116 detailed example problems illustrate important concepts; each problem is solved in complete detail to demonstrate good solution procedure. 45 example problems have associated Excel /workbooks that enable students to perform What if? scenarios when studying the examples; many of the workbooks can be modified to solve end-of-chapter problems. Students can use Excel to vary problems parameters to gain insight into the behavior of complex solutions. 1315 end-of-chapter problems, with varying degrees of difficulty, provide the opportunity to practice building problem-solving skills.


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