Intuitive Sex: The Subtle Art of Non-Pressure Seduction (Repost)

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Intuitive Sex: The Subtle Art of Non-Pressure Seduction (Repost)

Andrew Levitt-Jackson, «Intuitive Sex: The Subtle Art of Non-Pressure Seduction»
Fretful Stir Publications | ISBN N/A | 2002 | PDF | 075 Pages | 1,0 Mb

Finding, meeting and falling in love with a woman may seem a matter of out-ofcontrol circumstances—something that only comes easily to those with extreme luck or extreme good looks (or both). This is not necessarily true.
Meeting a woman and getting her phone number may seem a matter of extreme skill, as though there are men out there who know exactly what to say and do in order to trigger attraction in a woman. This is certainly not true.
Let me be more specific. In this guide, I outline a sure way any man can find a woman to be with. If you think you've already found that woman, this guide will teach you how you can become more than just her friend. (If you already have someone in mind whom you want to seduce, please do not skip to the later chapters about seduction. You need to read the chapters about how to meet people so you know whether or not your plans for seduction will be successful.)
The premise is simple: Your own brain knows a lot more than you think it does. This guide will teach you how to tap into the natural intuition we were all born with, so your gut will act like a divining rod, pointing you only in the direction of women you want to be with and who will say "yes" to you.
You will learn how to expand your dating sphere so you don't have to waste your time in noisy and intimidating singles environments, and how to structure your life so that your intuition will lead you to the best pool of women to pick from.
Once you know how to zero in on the right woman, you will learn how to get yourself into her life without having to "break the ice," and without her knowing that you are trying to seduce her. While you're spending time with her, you will begin to witness a series of obvious signs which indicate that she is interested. She will become the one who is "auditioning" to be your lover.
And then you will make your move with confidence.
This book is divided into two sections. The first will focus on freeing your intuition so you can find the right woman. The second will focus on how to employ No-Pressure seduction so that you can turn the tables on her.
As you read this guide, I hope you appreciate the uniqueness of its approach. I can't tell you how many women I have spoken with who have told me that the dating world would be a much better place if all men were to read what I am about to share with you. So be excited. You are making a major leap today. And the women who will soon fill your life will be grateful for it.

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