Investigating Computer-Related Crime: A Handbook for Corporate Investigators

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Investigating Computer-Related Crime: A Handbook for Corporate Investigators

Peter Stephenson, «Investigating Computer-Related Crime: A Handbook for Corporate Investigators»
CRC Press | ISBN 0849322189 | 1999 Year | PDF | 1,69 Mb | 328 Pages

Offers valuable information on using the forensic utilities for preserving evidence and searching for hidden information in the process of devising solutions to computer related crime.

Amazon Review:

"Stephenson's book does an excellent job of covering the technical details of an investigation without becoming impenetrable. The presentation follows a logical sequence. In sum, I am very impressed with the work.

Potential readers should be aware that the text is written from the perspective of a corporate investigator/consultant. It does an excellent job of explaining the pitfalls of this role. Stephenson provides personal examples of dealing with the decisions made by corporate bureacracy and law enforcement that effect the work of a private security consultant. He is careful to cite the reasons for such decisions in a manner that is respectful of the process used by the decision makers; this really helps novice investigators and students maintain perspective while internalizing the results of the decisions.

The book does not cover legal aspects of the investigation beyond basic evidence preservation and suggestions on when to get the lawyers involved. This is entirely expected from a corporate investigator rather than a law enforcement investigator; I respect an expert who knows when his expertise ends.

That being said, take the initial sweeping comments on hackers with a grain of salt. They detract from an otherwise solid book.

The greatest strength of the book is the frequent reminder that real-world investigation can be superior to the technical investigation and how the two aid each other.

This book would provide an excellent bridge between an advanced investigations text (interviewing, deception detection, standard investigation, etc.) and one of the more technical computer crime forensics books.

It is not a bench manual nor an investigations cookbook. Nor is it a completely non-technical writer's understanding of a computer investigation."

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