iPhoto 6: The Missing Manual

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iPhoto 6: The Missing Manual

David Pogue, Derrick Story, iPhoto 6: The Missing Manual
O'Reilly Media | ISBN 059652725X | CHM | 2006 year | 395 pages | 9,51 MB

It's the top-selling iPhoto book for good reason. With wit and objectivity, David Pogue and Derrick Story start you out with a crash course on digital photography, complete with tutorials on buying a camera, composing brilliant photos in various situations (sports, portraits, nighttime shots, even kid photography), and making digital movies. From there, you'll dive into every detail of iPhoto, from camera-meets-Mac basics to storing, searching, editing, and creating books, calendars and greeting cards. You'll learn to build a personal web site built with iWeb, and discover "Photocasting"-the new service that allows. Mac subscribers to publish photo albums online so that others can use the photos, even if they work on PCs.