Webster's New World Robert's Rules of Order Simplified and Applied

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Robert McConnell Productions, «Webster's New World Robert's Rules of Order Simplified and Applied»
Webster's New World | ISBN 0764563998 | 2 edition (August 29, 2001) | PDF | 1.4 Mb | 432 pages

Book Description:

This is the clearest, most useful guide to parliamentary procedure, now with new information on effective and reliable procedures for nominations, elections, ballots, balloting, and ballot counting.

From the Back Cover:

Comprehensive…Authoritative…and User-friendly! Parliamentary procedure in plain English Now updated and expanded, this essential resource explains the rules of parliamentary procedure in clear, simple language and shows you how to apply them in a practical, effective way. Organized and cross-referenced so you can find what you need quickly and easily, it includes:

* Clear discussions of the concepts behind each rule that give you a firm foundation
* Down-to-earth examples that show you how to apply the rules to your own situation
* Real-world "scripts" that remove guesswork about what you should say
* Detailed examples of agendas and minutes to help you organize and record your meetings
* Step-by-step strategies for taking — or blocking — action
* Timesaving tips to make your meetings more efficient

This revised edition includes new information on proper procedures for conducting meetings online, voting by mail and by e-mail, and adopting election procedures to help your organization prevent ballot fiascos. Information and video series available at the authors' Web site www.parli.com A Webster's New World Book www.hungryminds.com

About the Author:

About the Author Robert McConnell Productions is a multimedia company providing simplified information about parliamentary procedure in the form of videos, books, magazine articles, and a Web site: http://parli.com. The company published Robert's Rules of Order: Simplified and Applied in 1998, a book designed to take the complexity and the mystery out of Robert's Rules and to explain it to users in plain, easily understandable terms. The company also makes special interest videos in its own production studio. To date, the company has made five videos about parliamentary procedure. Parliamentary Procedure Made Simple: The Basics is an 80-minute video produced in 1993. It has sold more than 12,000 copies worldwide so far. The next video, produced in 1996, is All About Motions, a 140-minute video covering all the motions in Robert's Rules of Order. The third and fourth videos are a 32-minute How to Conduct a Meeting and its Spanish companion version, the 46-minute Como Conducir Reuniones, the world's first video about parliamentary procedure made in Spanish. The fifth video is Nominations & Elections, a video designed to keep organizations out of trouble by showing them how to do the electoral process correctly. The company markets these videos through a combination of direct mail brochures, targeted faxes, and a Web site, http://parli.com, which was the first Web site about parliamentary procedure on the Internet. The company also makes and markets videos about France, Russia, and Cuba, and produces custom-made videos for corporate clients. Robert McConnell Productions has been in business since 1993.