Hot Relationships [Audiobook]

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Tracey Cox, «Hot Relationships: AudioBook»
Bolinda Publishing | ISBN 1740936671 | Unabridged edition (July 30, 2005)| 593 Mb | MP3, 44100Hz, mono, 64Kbps

Falling in and out of love, surviving dating, avoiding losers, managing conflicts, and dealing with jealousy are just part of this smartly written primer on romantic relationships. A virtual encyclopedia, it moves quickly for a work this lengthy because of great insights, sparkling vignettes, and the genuine enthusiasm the narrator brings to the material. Tracey Cox has a satisfying grasp on the craziness that infects us when we're in love or groveling to find love. She has a way of affirming this insanity as an acceptable facet of life that everyone can manage with a little thoughtfulness and restraint. This is a great gift for the young or emotionally off-balance person who is easily overwhelmed by love.