Isometric Life Cycle -11 Modules : Piping Engineering

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Isometric Life Cycle -11 Modules : Piping Engineering

Isometric Life Cycle -11 Modules : Piping Engineering
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All About Isometric Drawings

What you'll learn
What is Isometric Drawing
Various Norths
Various Sections of Isometrics
Usages of Isometrics
How to read Isometrics
Isometric Check Points
Isometric Checking Cycle
Spools Vs Isometrics
Inch Dia & Inch Meter
Isometric Management
Tricks & Tips

Designers, Engineers
This Course covers following items related to Isometric Drawings :

1. What is Isometric Drawing

a) What is Isometric drawing

b) Various Features of isometrics

c) Items covered in Drawings

2. Various Norths

a) True North

b) Magnetic North

c) Declination

d) Plant North

e) Isometric North

f) Platfrom North

3. Various Sections of Isometrics

a) Drawing Section

b) Material Section

c) Process Details

d) Drawing Title

4. Usages of Isometrics

a) Direct Usages

b) In-Direct usages

5. How to read Isometrics

a) Various Symbols for

b) Piping Fittings

c) Piping Valves

d) Piping Components

e) Drawing Symbols

f) Offset vs No offset

g) Calculate Pipe Lengths

h) Dimentions & Co-ordinates

i) Actual Isometric Details

6. Isometric Check Points

a) Various Inputs required

b) Isometric Check Points

c) Various Point w.r.t. Actual Isometrics

d) General Notes

e) Best Practices

7. Isometric Checking Cycle

a) Various Stakeholders

b) Basic Flow of Information

c) Checking on Hard Paper Sheets

d) Paperless Iso-Checking

8. Spools Vs Isometrics

a) Why Spools are required?

b) Pre-Fabrication process

c) Isometrics Vs Spools

d) Understand FW vs FFW

e) Benefits of Spool Making

9. Inch Dia & Inch Meter

a) What is Inch Dia

b) Why Inch Dia is Important Various Applications of Inch Dia

c) What is Inch Meter?

d) Why inch Meter is important?

e) Various Applications of Inch Meter

10. Isometric Management

a) Listing out Various Stakeholders

b) Expectations of all Stakeholders

c) Understanding Various Stages of Isometric Life Cycle

d) Sample Isometric tracker

e) Extraction of Reports from Isometric Tracker with MS-Excel :

f) Pivot Tables

g) Slicers

h) Adding More than one Pivot

i) Merging slicers with Pivot tables

j) Learning various Pivot Table Options (MS-Excel tools)

k) Hold Managements

l) How to create/Track & Present Holds to other stakeholders

m) How to Automate Status reports for individual Modelers & Checkers w.r.t. Daily/Weekly/Monthly basis

11. Tricks & Tips

a) How to fill the Isometric tracker Data quickly

b) How to Automate the reporting status

c) Trick to Copy files automatically from various Folders

Who this course is for:
Designers & Engineers

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