It's Never Done That Before - A Guide to Troubleshooting Windows XP

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It's Never Done That Before: A Guide to Troubleshooting Windows XP
Publisher: No Starch (June 23, 2006) | Author : John Ross | ISBN: 1593271395 | 263 pages | PDF | Rar Size : 3.69 MB | Rapid Share

Book Description
When Windows works properly, it's relatively easy to ignore; you can concentrate on the work you're trying to do and forget about the plumbing inside your computer. But when something goes wrong, it often requires an experienced guide to solve the problem and restore the computer to working condition. Everybody who uses Microsoft Windows eventually has to deal with cryptic error messages, frozen screens, and other more or less dramatic problems. Windows troubleshooting is the set of tools and techniques that can identify the source of a problem and find a solution.
It's Never Done That Before is a guide to Windows XP troubleshooting for people who don't spend their lives fixing computer problems. It includes basic troubleshooting techniques, specific instructions for solving the most common problems in Windows XP, and more general information for finding and fixing more obscure ones. It also provides pointers to explanations of BIOS beep codes and blue screen errors, instructions for using the troubleshooting tools supplied with Windows XP such as Safe Mode and the Recovery Console, and advice for dealing with device drivers, the ROM BIOS, and the Windows Registry. Viruses, spyware, and Internet connection problems are all included, along with advice for getting the most out of the Microsoft Knowledge base and other online information resources, and dealing with help desks and technical support centers.

From the Back Cover
Do some Windows XP problems make you scratch your head in wonder? Has an application suddenly chosen not to start or a piece of hardware simply stopped working? Ever had the Internet "disappear" or been faced with a Blue or Black Screen of Death? Do the neighbors call you to fix their machines when you'd really prefer to hand them a book so they can solve their own problems?
If you know enough about computers to use one but not always enough to fix those unexpected Windows problems, It's Never Done That Before! is the book for you. It gives you:

• Troubleshooting techniques and tips for solving common XP problems
• Strategies for finding and fixing obscure It's Never Done That Before! Problems
• Hints for troubleshooting BIOS beep codes and Blue Screen errors
• Help with XP's troubleshooting tools (such as Safe Mode and the Recovery Console)
• Survival strategies for wrangling device drivers, the BIOS, and the Windows Registry
• Techniques for dealing with viruses, spyware, and Internet problems
• Advice for getting the most out of the Microsoft Knowledge Base and other online resources, plus tips for dealing with technical support

Got Windows problems? You're not alone. Reach for It's Never Done That Before!—the lifeline you'll grab when your computer does something you didn't expect it to do.

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