Jam Play - Artist Series: Bumblefoot, Glen Drover, Andy James, Dave Weiner (2016)

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Jam Play - Artist Series: Bumblefoot, Glen Drover, Andy James, Dave Weiner (2016)

Jam Play - Artist Series: Bumblefoot, Glen Drover, Andy James, Dave Weiner
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The JamPlay Artist Series features lessons taught by progressive guitarists from all styles of music. These lessons focus on each artist's particular style, and are taught by either the artist himself(found under "Artists"), or a qualified instructor familiar with that artist's playing style ("In The Style Of").
Jam Play - Artist Series: Bumblefoot, Glen Drover, Andy James, Dave Weiner (2016)

Bumblefoot's Artist Series

Unconventional… Diabolical… Just plain crazy! Learn a fresh, quirky and MUSICAL approach to extreme guitar playing!

Lesson 1: Series Introduction
Guns N' Roses guitarist Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal pulls out all the stops in his blistering artist series. Dive into the intense, yet seemingly effortless, playing style of a true legend in our time. Learn the mental discipline and get the physical training necessary to take your playing to the next level!

4:21 mins 0.5 Skill

Lesson 2: The Drummer Is King!
Of all the crazy antics and skills you'll learn in this series, learning your place in the rhythm section may be the most important and arguably the most difficult! Learn the importance of playing behind the beat and letting the pulse of the rhythm lead you! Apply this concept over a grotesquely slow metronome setting and LAY IT BACK!

19:07 mins 3.5 Skill

Lesson 3: Focus on the Rhythm
Now try taking the concepts learned in the last lesson and apply them to chords and strumming. The physical differences between playing chords and single notes provide an interesting challenge when staying continually behind the beat.

13:58 mins 3.5 Skill

Lesson 4: Do You Have an Accent?
Make sure you're thinking and playing behind the beat…Check! Now Bumblefoot makes sure you are thinking about each note and each beat you play. Just like the spoken word, good guitar playing is punctuated. Learn a great drill for working accenting into your playing!

9:54 mins 3.0 Skill

Lesson 5: Why…Yes I Do!
Now that you've practiced playing with accents at a basic level, learn this blazing sequence in C major and put your chops to the test!

9:38 mins 4.0 Skill

Lesson 6: Sweeping Sensation
Done much sweep picking? Whether you are experienced in this technique or brand new, this exercise will dramatically improve your coordination and hand synchronization while sweeping. This isn't your average minor chord sweep!

7:48 mins 4.5 Skill

Lesson 7: Sweep it under the Rug
Take the same ascending drill from the last lesson, move it around a bit more, and reverse it. It's even harder going down! Take it slow!

10:43 mins 4.5 Skill

Lesson 8: Sweep Up More Stuff!
Slackers beware! Bumblefoot introduces another picking variation and connects the ascending and descending sweeping patterns for one mind and finger boggling exercise. Whatever you do, DON'T CHEAT! Practice the picking exactly as you're shown and keep it clean. You'll be amazed at what this will do for your playing!

11:59 mins 5.0 Skill

Lesson 9: Mental Multitasking
A seasoned guitar player can have multiple active channels going in his mind at once. That's what helps the masters play a rhythm and a melody line at the same time. That's what makes singing complex melodies and playing solid rhythm guitar at the same time a possibility. Learn how to separate parts of your mind and allow it to work on many things at once!

8:14 mins 3.5 Skill

Lesson 10: Huh? Two Scales at Once?
Put mental multitasking to work with your hands. Practice playing a simple C major scale, but play it in a round. Start it, and then while continuing to play it in sequence, start it again!

4:07 mins 3.5 Skill

Lesson 11: One Step Ahead of Your Hands!
Sharpen your mind like a samurai sword with this exercise! While playing one note, think and speak the next note you will play. Practice this to a metronome with different note values…EEK!

12:17 mins 4.0 Skill

Lesson 12: Does Your Left Know What Your Right Is Doing?
Here's one more brain tearing exercise! Practice playing different rhythmic groupings with each hand at the same time. Then, try to talk while you're doing it! Make these mental multitasking lessons part of your practice routine, and they will greatly prepare you for things to come!

7:01 mins 4.0 Skill

Lesson 13: What Do You Have on Tap?
Get a brief tutorial on proper tapping technique. Then, it's off to Bumbleland! Dive into 2 finger right hand tapping phrases, string skipping, and more!

10:06 mins 4.0 Skill

Lesson 14: I'll Take Two of What She's Having!
Take 2 hand and 2 right hand finger tapping to the next level. Don't forget rhythm! Rhythm is still important when notes are flying by!

6:36 mins 4.0 Skill

Lesson 15: Now Let's Go Tap Dancing
Take the last two crazy lessons on tapping, and make them a bit more musical. As with the sweeps, DON'T CHEAT! Make sure your playing is clean and calculated at whatever speed you are playing.

14:56 mins 4.0 Skill

Lesson 16: Be a Bit Abnormal
With this lesson, Bumblefoot delivers the first of a handful of ways to take what you may already be comfortable with and add some quirkiness. This segment focuses on changing the harmony in the major scale to reveal some really cool melody options.

10:20 mins 3.0 Skill

Lesson 17: Blues it Up!
Bumblefoot alters the major scale a little further and roasts it over a simple blues shuffle. Dive in and see what's cookin'!

5:23 mins 3.0 Skill

Lesson 18: The Note Before the Note
Do you like the pentatonic scale? Are you maybe a little tired of being limited by it? If so, this lesson is for you! Learn a VERY simple way to spice it up!

6:47 mins 3.0 Skill

Lesson 19: Read Between the Frets
Join Bumblefoot for another great way to disguise and spruce up your standard pentatonic ideas!

4:43 mins 3.5 Skill

Lesson 20: I'm All In!
Before…Between…Now you can add a note after each note played on each string in your pentatonic scale. Practice all three options over the track and work on adding some other embellishments such as slides and bends!

7:09 mins 3.0 Skill

Jam Play - Artist Series: Bumblefoot, Glen Drover, Andy James, Dave Weiner (2016)

Glen Drover Artist Series

Former guitarist for Megadeth and Testament, thrasher Glen Drover presents his Artist Series and will touch on subjects such as speed, rhythm, and solo creation.

Lesson 1: Series Introduction
JamPlay.Com would like to welcome former guitarist for Megadeth and Testament, Glen Drover. His Artist Series will provide a wide array of solo and rhythm ideas accompanied by backing tracks. He will also dive into the techniques used for a complete entertaining and learning experience.

1:57 mins 1.0

Lesson 2: 3 Note Per String Legato
Glen takes a quick look at a diminished solo idea that utilizes 3 notes per string as well as the legato technique.

3:25 mins 4.5 Skil

Lesson 3: Legato Solo Idea in B Minor
Staying within the legato technique, Glen utilizes another backing track to help demonstrate another unique solo idea in the key of B minor.

4:50 mins 4.0 Skill

Lesson 4: Free Form Melodic Soloing
It's all about feeling the music, and Glen demonstrates ideas he may come up with when put on the spot for a solo. These ideas will influence your melodic and creative thinking.

4:45 mins 4.0 Skill

Lesson 5: Melodic Solo Idea #2
Glen utilizes a new backing track to help demonstrate another legato style melodic solo.

3:11 mins 4.0 Skill

Lesson 6: Heavy 3 Note Per String Exercise
Glen utilizes a heavy backing track to demonstrate a great 3 note per string lick that will really help with increasing speed between your fretting and picking hands.

4:50 mins 4.0 Skill

Lesson 7: 2 Note Per String Classical Style Fast Pick Lick
Utilizing another fast and heavy backing track, Glen demonstrates a 2 note per string lick that is yet another great exercise for improving your right and left hand communication.

3:51 mins 4.5 Skill

Lesson 8: Ascending Legato Multi-octave Exercise
How about another quick little exercise offering a multi-octave ascending run followed by an up tempo phrase ending?

2:52 mins 4.0 Skill

Lesson 9: Fast Alternate Speed Picking Exercise
This exercise is meant to help produce speed with the picking hand. Start this exercise off slow. Over time, the right hand will get faster and faster with practice.

2:35 mins 4.0 Skill

Lesson 10: Left & Right Hand Synchronization Exercise
Glen demonstrates a great walk down exercise that will help synchronize both left and right hands together.

3:47 mins 4.0 Skill

Lesson 11: Pentatonic & Harmonic Minor Combo Exercise
Combining a pentatonic riff with a harmonic minor riff, Glen introduces an exercise that utilizes a large portion of the guitar neck.

3:51 mins 4.0 Skill

Lesson 12: Mysterious Harmonic Minor Walk Down
Glen presents a mysterious walk down exercise and explains how it can be used to improve both alternate picking and legato movement.

4:34 mins 4.0 Skill

Lesson 13: Full Fretboard Exercise
Glen will present an exercise that is a walk up utilizing nearly the entire fret board. There is a lot of movement in this exercise, so make sure those hands are stretched.

4:50 mins 4.0 Skill

Lesson 14: F# Walk Up, Walk Down
Glen presents a fast paced walk up and walk down routine that again will utilize a large portion of the fretboard.

4:10 mins 4.0 Skill

Lesson 15: 4 Note per String Shapes
Utilizing all 4 fingers on the fret hand, Glen demonstrates a great exercise that can be used to help strengthen those fingers and improve communication with the picking hand.

5:20 mins 4.0 Skill

Lesson 16: Matching a Drummer's Rhythm
Heavy metal music offers plenty of opportunity for the guitarist and drummer to work together to create a certain emotion or effect. Glen demonstrates a piece that matches the double kick pattern provided by the drummer.

6:48 mins 4.0 Skill

Lesson 17: Blues Rock in E
Heavy metal music pulls influences from all different genres of music. Watch as Glen demonstrate a great heavy metal / blues influenced exercise that can help broaden the creative aspect of understanding guitar as a whole.

5:12 mins 4.0 Skill

Lesson 18: Supportive Rhythm Melody #1
Even though solo and lead techniques rule the rock and heavy metal world, rhythm parts are the backbone for creating a full supportive sound. Glen demonstrates his first rhythm example.

4:42 mins 4.0 Skill

Lesson 19: Supportive Rhythm Melody #2
Glen presents his second exercise within his supportive rhythm segment. This idea uses lead techniques to help demonstrate how supportive rhythms function within a metal solo.

5:04 mins 4.0 Skill

Lesson 20: Alternate Tuning - Mysterious Clean Rhythm
Glen demonstrates a unique tuning that allows certain special notes to ring out, creating a mysterious alternate picking exercise.

7:59 mins 4.0 Skill

Lesson 21: Rhythm and Solo Combinations
Utilizing all the techniques taught so far, Glen now presents a simple rhythm exercise and a solo to accompany it.

7:39 mins 4.0 Skill

Lesson 22: Rhythm and Solo Combination #2
Glen presents another supportive rhythm exercise followed by a nice solo idea that can be overlaid to create a full heavy metal sound. Enjoy!

11:27 mins 4.0 Skill

Lesson 23: Drop C Tuning Heavy Riff
It's time to change up the tuning. Glen uses drop C tuning and demonstrates a metal riff that helps with down-picking technique.

9:38 mins 4.0 Skill

Lesson 24: Drop C Riff Exercise #2
Here's another drop C riff. This time, Glen demonstrates fretting hand techniques that can help with speed.

8:56 mins 4.0 Skill

Lesson 25: Building Fret Hand Dexterity
Lesson 25 from Glen presents a detailed exercise that firmly builds up fret hand dexterity for both speed and accuracy.

10:13 mins 4.0 Skill

Lesson 26: A Complete Melodic Solo
Glen presents an inspiring solo packed full of techniques. This solo is very melodic and allows the player to put a lot of emotion into it.

16:01 mins 4.0 Skill

Lesson 27: Heavy Metal Chunk Rhythm
Welcome to a lesson that offers a very chunky rhythm pattern with palm muting!

9:26 mins 4.0 Skill

Jam Play - Artist Series: Bumblefoot, Glen Drover, Andy James, Dave Weiner (2016)

Andy James Artist Series

Learn how to shred with the amazing guitarist Andy James.

Lesson 1: Shred Alternate Picking Technique
Virtuoso Andy James sheds new light on the alternate picking technique and how to practice effectively.

16:43 mins 3.0 Skill

Lesson 2: String Skipping Arpeggios
Andy shows you how to play various arpeggio examples by using the string skipping technique to allow for a cleaner sound.

8:00 mins 3.5 Skill

Lesson 3: Hybrid Picking
Andy James shows how he uses hybrid picking and includes various examples to practice.

10:00 mins 3.5 Skill

Lesson 4: Sweeping
Andy James shows various 3 and 5 string arpeggio sweep picking examples. He covers the major, minor, and diminished shapes.

11:00 mins 3.5 Skill

Lesson 5: Improvisation
Andy explains that he doesn't rely on theory but rather on shapes and patterns to improvise in one key. We had Andy improvise over one of the JamPlay backing tracks to illustrate his methods.

9:00 mins 3.5 Skill

Lesson 6: Interview: Andy James
Get an in-depth look into the mind of virtuoso guitarist Andy James. Learn about Andy's early beginnings all the way up to what he is working on currently.

31:26 mins 0.5 Skill 3

Jam Play - Artist Series: Bumblefoot, Glen Drover, Andy James, Dave Weiner (2016)

Dave Weiner Artist Series

In this Lesson set: In his exclusive artist series on JamPlay, Dave uncovers many concepts that are often over looked.
The ongoing theme in his series is have fun and make music!

Lesson 1: Acapella Playing
Dave "David J" Weiner introduces his series with a lesson on the importance of rhythm in your playing and his concept of acapella playing.

35:59 mins 2.0 Skill

Lesson 2: Style And Attitude
Dave "David J" Weiner returns with a lesson on how to play with style and attitude. He covers all the basic techniques you'll need to get started.

13:09 mins 1.5 Skill

Lesson 3: Dynamics And Phrasing
In this lesson David J teaches you about dynamics and phrasing and how this all ties into his basic musician development concept.

8:00 mins 1.5 Skill

Lesson 4: Building Stamina With Melodic Phrasing
David J continues his look at phrasing and shows you how to simultaneously build your stamina while playing over backing tracks.

10:00 mins 2.0 Skill

Lesson 5: Melodic Playing And Motifs
Dave talks about turning repetition into melodic playing and how to start using motifs in your playing.

15:36 mins 3.0 Skill

Lesson 6: Learning The Fretboard
Dave switches gears and focuses on theoretical concepts. In this lesson he explains different ways to gain knowledge of the fretboard.

10:09 mins 3.0 Skill

Lesson 7: The CAGED System
Dave shows you a way to find and learn the notes on the fretboard using the CAGED system. He then shows you how he would practice using the CAGED system.

9:00 mins 3.0 Skill

Lesson 8: Transitional CAGED Based Licks
Dave shows you how to advance your fretboard knowledge by creating licks that bridge the CAGED shapes.

12:43 mins 3.0 Skill

Lesson 9: Open String Licks
Dave continues teaching how to master the fretboard by teaching open string licks.

8:20 mins 3.0 Skill

Lesson 10: Intervallic Playing
Dave "David J" Weiner explains how to avoid sounding scalar. He shows how to jump around the scale and not just play sequentially.

11:41 mins 3.0 Skill

Lesson 11: The Technical Side Of Playing
Dave "David J" Weiner switches gears and gets in-depth with techniques. In this very informative lesson Dave shows what to practice, how to practice technique, and his own personal practice routine.

21:06 mins 3.0 Skill

Lesson 12: Alternate Picking
Short lesson, years to master. Dave talks about alternate picking and how to practice it!

4:00 mins 3.0 Skill

Lesson 13: Legato
David J talks about legato technique, which uses very little or no picking. He shows you how to develop the technique and how to play longer runs on the fretboard.

14:44 mins 3.0 Skill

Lesson 14: Sweep Picking
David J shows the basics of sweep picking and also shows you how to make it more musical.

17:30 mins 4.0 Skill

Lesson 15: Tapping

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Jam Play - Artist Series: Bumblefoot, Glen Drover, Andy James, Dave Weiner (2016)

Jam Play - Artist Series: Bumblefoot, Glen Drover, Andy James, Dave Weiner (2016)

Jam Play - Artist Series: Bumblefoot, Glen Drover, Andy James, Dave Weiner (2016)

Jam Play - Artist Series: Bumblefoot, Glen Drover, Andy James, Dave Weiner (2016)

Jam Play - Artist Series: Bumblefoot, Glen Drover, Andy James, Dave Weiner (2016)

Jam Play - Artist Series: Bumblefoot, Glen Drover, Andy James, Dave Weiner (2016)

Jam Play - Artist Series: Bumblefoot, Glen Drover, Andy James, Dave Weiner (2016)

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Jam Play - Artist Series: Bumblefoot, Glen Drover, Andy James, Dave Weiner (2016)