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Jamey Andreas. The Principles of Correct Practice for Guitar

Posted By: Orozain

Jamey Andreas, "The Principles of Correct Practice for Guitar" | Published by Seven Eyes Publications Richmond, Virginia | ISBN 0-9671223-2-5 | 1999 Year | PDF | 1,07 Mb | 90 Pages

Всем желающим хорошо играть на гитаре посвящается...
Лучшее пособие для развития навыка игры на гитаре из мною встреченных.
Продолжение следует... (Part2 = Jamey Andreas. Practice Secrets - Spanish Romance)

The Principles enable you to understand the underlying mechanics of how the mind trains the body in practice, so that day by day, you are able to turn you hands into the responsive and obedient instrument you need when you play your guitar. No matter what style you play, rock, folk, classical, it is the same two hands and ten fingers (or pick!) being used. The Principles will teach you HOW to train your hands and fingers, what music you decide to play is up to you!

This book is a result of my feelings of frustration about the problems of learning to play the guitar, and the gradual discovery of the answers to those problems. I have called these answers the Principles of Correct Practice for Guitar.

Jamey Andreas