Java 2 Micro Edition

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Java 2 Micro Edition

Author: David Hemphill James White
ISBN: 1930110332
Publisher: Manning Publications - April, 2002

J2ME refers to a diverse number of technologies based on the java platform. Many "J2ME" books focus solely on MIDP/CLDC, which is currently the only widely available profile/configuration of J2ME. Thus, you get books that tend to get repetitive in terms of their content, especially those books that focus on the "basics". Fortunately, this book does NOT confine itself to the basics. It not only explores the history of J2ME (a MUST for any serious developer), but it also deals exhaustively with issues regarding real world design and implementation of enterprise systems (a NECESSITY for developers wanting to do more than just games for MIDP). The book also delves into using J2ME in PDAs using kjava (the new PDA Profile, or PDAP, was not finalized yet at the time this book was published), and gives a good summary of other java technologies and how they relate to J2ME. This is a good book for both beginners and upper mid-level J2ME developers.

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