Experimenters Guide to the Joe Cell - MUST READ

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Experimenters Guide to the Joe Cell - MUST READ

The 'Joe Cell' is so new, so radical, and so different to anything that has ever preceded this type of technology, that we feel a great urgency to get this information out to the public domain as rapidly as possible.

The new book removes much of the mystique of the 'Joe cell" and gives you a step by step methodology which will assist you in achieving a working JOE CELL. Almost anyone with access to a basic machine shop can make a JOE CELL. You will learn how to CHARGE THE WATER and 'SEED' the cell with 'ORGONE ENERGY'.

This book is written from the PERSONAL EXPERIENCE of the author.
He has converted 4 car engines to this date. - No more guess work.
To be able to run an engine on ORGONE ENERGY is a remarkable
demonstration of the PRIMARY ENERGY of the UNIVERSE being utilised in a most powerful and dynamic way. Perhaps the application of this new
energy source will transform the planet in the same way as the utilisation of ELECTRICITY.
YOU will become a custodian of this most important technology as you come to understand it and learn HOW TO APPLY IT for every day use.
Hopefully we can all make a difference to the Planet and the direction that mankind is now heading as more folk work with this technology and share their experience. Through this process the technology will become more refined and the sooner it will be available for everyone to use freely.

The book contains color photographs showing the step by step cell processes for the charging of the water.

- Introduction What is a Joe Cell?
CHAPTER 1 Orgone Properties
CHAPTER 2 Comparative names of the life force
CHAPTER 3 Orgone polarity Positive / Negative
CHAPTER 4 Theory of cell design
CHAPTER 5 Materials and cell designs
CHAPTER 6 Seed Diameter / Height ratio
CHAPTER 7 Water type and it's relation to the cell
CHAPTER 8 Charging the water Preparation / Charging
CHAPTER 9 Connecting the cell to a motor
CHAPTER 10- When things go wrong very detailed-12 pages +
CHAPTER 11 Cone angles, Rotating Fields, Electrolysis process
CHAPTER 12 Contributions from other experimenters
- Spiral Bound 121 pages - 49 photos