John Wesson - The Science Of Soccer

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John Wesson - The Science Of Soccer

John Wesson - The Science Of Soccer
e-book | pdf | Taylor & Francis | 2002 | 216 pages | 3.13 MB

Book description: Although soccer is the world's most popular game, its science has received very little attention. This book deals with a wide range of subjects where scientific analysis can be applied to soccer. Starting with a qualitative description of the basic physics relating to the ball and its bounce, it then moves through kicks and throws to a simple account of the more complex physics of a ball in flight.
The second part of the text is concerned with subjects where the science does not relate to well-established physics, but where a scientific curiosity uncovers aspects of the game which are not normally discussed. This includes a look at game theory, how the rules affect the flow and enjoyment of the game, why the best team does not always win, unusual statistics about players and an insight into the economics of the game.
For those with a more mathematical interest in the physics, the final chapter provides a readable account of the theory behind the beautiful game. The Science of Soccer will be an invaluable insight to players, fans and students of sport science alike.

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