Reader's Digest Best Jokes (pdf)

Posted By: forumad

"Laughter the best medicine" is a term coined by Reader's Digest and we deliver small doses in every issue of the magazine. But we sometimes need an extra-large booster to get into really great shape, and this book - a collection of the best jokes from all over - is it.

This book is guaranteed to keep you in good humour for a long time to come. But don't keep its benefits to yourself - tell them to your family, friends and colleagues. You'll become their favourite physician.

Here’re some examples:

A rather inebriated fellow on a bus was tearing up a newspaper into tiny pieces and throwing them out the window.
"Excuse me," said the woman sitting next to him. "But, would you mind explaining why you're doing this?"
"It scares away the elephants," replied the drunk.
"But I don't see any elephants around here," said the woman.
"Effective, isn't it?" crowed the drunk.
Late one night, a mugger wearing a ski mask jumped into the path of a well-dressed man and stuck a gun in his ribs. .Give me your money,. He demanded.
Indignant, the affluent man replied, .You can’t do this. I’m a politician!.
In that case,. replied the robber, .give me my money!.

Why do they call the language we speak our mother-tongue?. asked the son.
Because fathers so seldom gets a chance to use it,. replied his dad.

A salesman was dismissed because he was rude to a customer. A month
later the sales manager spotted him walking about in a police uniform.
I see you’ve joined the force, Bhatnagar, said the sales manager.
Yes, Sir. This is the job I’ve been looking for all my life. Here the customer
is always wrong.