Judaic Classics Library

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Judaic Classics Library

Judaic Classics Library v. 2.2
EXE | RAR | 120 MB | Languages: English & Hebrew

English translation of Tanach by D. Mandel

Deluxe edition, containing Tanach and commentaries, Talmudic texts and Halachic Midrashim, Aggadic Midrashim, Halachic texts, Kabbalah, Machshavah: original Biblical, Talmudic, Halachic, and Aggadic texts regarding Jewish law, lore, and tradition, in English and Hebrew. The search and retrieval software links primary texts and commentaries, and allows for printing from the program or transporting to English or Hebrew word processors.

I hope need not for remind that the author of this publication is the Orthodox believer (the member of the Orthodox Church) to the marrow of one's bones (во избежание разночтений в свете моих прошлых публикаций).