Peter Kenington, "RF And Baseband Techniques for Software Defined Radio"

Posted By: Alexpal

Peter Kenington, "RF And Baseband Techniques for Software Defined Radio"
Artech House Publishers | ISBN 1580537936 | 2005 Year | PDF | 3,46 Mb | 340 Pages

This authoritative book gives you new perspective on the RF and analog hardware and systems design aspects of software defined radio. It delves into the architecture of transmitters and receivers that make software-defined radio a reality. Covering both the practical aspects and underpinnings of these architectures, the book details all key RF and analog baseband components and sub-systems, from the converters that interface with DSPs and ASICs through to the duplexer feeding the antenna. It enables you to select the right technique for any application by providing alternatives for implementing the main system components.

The book places emphasis on broadband and multi-band techniques, including broadband quadrature techniques, methods of dealing with the diplexer issue in transceivers, high-dynamic range and general coverage receiver techniques, and linearization applied to LNAs, receiver front-ends, transmitters and PAs. This practical resource looks at the cost factors of using particular techniques to ensure that you are creating communications devices that can compete successfully in the marketplace. Moreover, the book includes a survey of current technology that guides you in identifying future trends, so that current designs can be adapted to ever-changing technology and market demands.