M. Albert Vannice, «Kinetics of Catalytic Reactions»

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M. Albert Vannice, «Kinetics of Catalytic Reactions»
Springer | ISBN 0387246495 | 2005 Year | PDF | 1,47 Mb | 240 Pages

This advanced undergraduate/graduate textbook teaches readers to design kinetic experiments involving heterogeneous catalysts, to satisfactorily characterize these catalysts, to acquire valid rate data, to determine the presence or absence of heat and mass transfer limitations in these data, to select and simplify reaction models, to derive rate expressions based on these models, and to assess the consistency of these rate equations. A special emphasis is placed on assessing mass transfer effects, particularly in liquid-phase reactions. Sufficient background information and discussion of the assumptions related to the derivation of adsorption isotherms and reaction models has been provided to allow the reader to understand the limitations of these models and to feel comfortable in their application. Both ideal and nonideal surfaces are considered, and enzyme catalysis is also discussed. There are numerous worked-out examples, and homework exercises. The book will be used as a textbook in courses in kinetics and/or catalysis and also as a supplement in advanced undergraduate chemical engineering courses on kinetics and reactor design, as well as a guide for researchers in catalysis in industry. The most probable discipline for its use is chemical engineering, but it can also be used in materials science, fuels science, and chemistry programs. Many new practitioners in catalysis today are involved singularly or in small groups at small entrepreneurial companies around the world, especially in the United States. This book should be a tremendously useful reference book as these scientists design runs with heterogeneous catalysts, interpret their experimental data, and model the kinetics to describe their results