The Ladder Theorist's Handbook

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The Ladder Theorist's Handbook

Anonymous, «The Ladder Theorist's Handbook»
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From Book:
For a while now I’ve been collecting and organizing good posts from the ladder theory forums, and any other good information related to how relationships work. Now that the ladder theory forums database got wiped [or setback to December 2005] I thought I would compile a pdf file of everything I had so at least it wasn’t a total loss. This was the first pdf file that I ever made, it consisted of me converting all the .txt files I wanted to include into .doc and then converting those to .pdf, importing them into adobe acrobat and lastly adding a bookmark for every segment. I’ve been wanting to do this for
a while, but now that the forums officially died I got motivated and did it all in around 4 hours. I hope whoever reads this makes the best out of it, who knows maybe I’ll decide to update it every couple of months incase the forums go down again or just to have a nice compilation of things. I’ll see how the others react to this and maybe we could vote on what parts should be on it, we’ll see what happens, enjoy.

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