How To Be A Lady Killer - Ann May

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How To Be A Lady Killer - Ann May

How To Be A Lady Killer - Ann May
e-Perpetual Limited, U.K| ISBN: N/A | 2004 Year | PDF | 1.47 MB | 232 Pages

Guys !!! Get Trained To Seduce Lady of Your Dreams

Guys !!! Get Trained To Seduce Lady of Your Dreams

A Practically Working Seduction Guide

Female Code of Silence Smashed As Forbidden Methods For Picking Up Women Are Revealed in Full… By A Woman itself.

How to attract and seduce your choice of woman, can be boiled down to a simple set of steps for you to follow. You can learn these steps quickly and easily to possess a lifetime skill.

The big advantage you receive with the How To Be A Lady Killer course, is these exact steps are laid down for you by a WOMAN. Yes, a woman teaching guys how to attract and seduce women!!

Author Ann May says "In my beauty salon, I get to hear every issue a woman faces with men and how the winning men cleverly land their target women. I got to see these winners were following an exact method. I wrote this book to reveal those methods being used by the winners, so you can apply them to attract any woman you choose."

Deep inside How To Be A Lady Killer, Ann spills the beans about what it takes for you to hook the hottest girls. Things only a woman can know. And it certainly is jam-packed with neat little tricks and tips that you can apply in the real world to make you irresistible at every stage of contact with a woman.

The steps are laid out in a riveting manner. Each step you take forms another layer on what Ann May calls "The Seduction Pyramid". This is powerful - each layer builds on the previous layer until you have an unstoppable "system" for delivering your choice of women to you.

The How To Be A Lady Killer course is perhaps the most useable and practical course of it's kind on the net. It will produce fast results for you and this is what counts most in this game.

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