The Leadership Challenge Workbook

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The Leadership Challenge Workbook
137 pages

"You might already be familiar with The Five Practices from our book, The Leadership Challenge, which describes this research in detail. Or you might know The Five Practices because you have used our 360-degree assessment instrument, Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) to further your development as a leader. In case the practices are new to you, we provide a brief overview in Chapter 2 of this workbook. Whether you are familiar with our other work or not, we ask you to keep this in mind: When you engage in The Five Practices more frequently than you do at present, you will be more effective. We know from our research that those who Model, Inspire, Challenge, Enable, and Encourage more frequently are more likely to get extraordinary things done than those who do so less frequently. Exemplary leadership, in other words, is not an accident of birth or circumstance. It’s a result of conscious and conscientious practice.
This workbook is designed for anyone in a leadership role. Its purpose is to help you further your abilities to lead others to get extraordinary things done.Whether you are in the private or public sector, an employee or a volunteer, a first-line supervisor or a senior executive, a student or a parent, you will find that this workbook applies to you. That’s because leadership is not about being in a formal position. It’s about action. You can grant someone the title of chief executive, but that does not make him or her a leader. Leadership is earned.
You get to be a leader in the eyes of others because of what you do. Leadership is about having the courage and spirit to move from whatever circumstances you are in to a place of making a difference in the world. This workbook is designed to help anyone who has the desire to lead and the will to make a difference. It’s for anyone who is in a role that requires mobilizing others to want to struggle for shared aspirations.


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