Lean Sigma: A Practitioner's Guide by Ian D. Wedgwood

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Lean Sigma: A Practitioner's Guide by Ian D. Wedgwood
Publisher: Prentice Hall Ptr; 1ST edition (October 18, 2006) | ISBN: 0132390787 | CHM | 9,19 Mb | 744 pages

The Practical, Easy-to-Use Guide to Lean Sigma Problem-Solving

Lean Sigma delivers results–if you use the right tools and techniques. In Lean Sigma: A Practitioner’s Guide, Dr. Ian Wedgwood captures best-practice Lean Sigma experience from multiple projects and industries, helping any professional identify the solution that will work best–and implement it.
Wedgwood’s exclusive "project roadmaps" present the fastest, most effective route to solving a wide range of problems–and explain why those solutions make sense. His "discovery roadmaps" help you identify potential Lean Sigma projects, even in processes where there are no obvious targets.

The heart of Lean Sigma is Wedgwood's 48 individual "tools roadmaps": step-by-step instructions revealing exactly how and when to use all these Lean Sigma tools…
• 5 Whys
• 5S
• Affinity
• Boxplots
• Capability tools
• Cause & effect matrices
• Chi-Square
• Control charts
• Critical path analyses
• Customer tools
• Demand tools
• DOE tools
• Fishbone diagrams
• Handoff maps
• Load charts
• MSA tools
• Multi-Cycle analyses
• Multi-Vari studies
• Murphy’s analyses
• Normality tests
• Pareto charts
• Poka Yoke
• Process FMEA
• Process variables (I/O) maps
• Project charter
• Pull systems & Kanban
• Rapid changeover
• Regression
• Spaghetti maps
• Swimlane maps
• Time tools

Whether you’re a Green Belt, Black Belt, Master, Project Champion, Sponsor, Deployment Leader, or consultant, this book will help you use Lean Sigma to solve far more problems, far more rapidly, and far more effectively.
Dr. Ian Wedgwood, Executive Director of Sigma Breakthrough Technologies, has more than ten years of experience using, deploying, training, and consulting on Six Sigma and Lean Sigma. He has led and facilitated deployments in industries ranging from electronics and medical devices to chemicals and health care, and has trained and mentored numerous executives, champions, and belts. He holds a Ph.D. and First-Class Honors degree in Applied Mathematics from Scotland’s St. Andrew’s University.

About the Author

Dr. Ian Wedgwood is an Executive Director for SBTI and has over a decade of Lean Sigma Experience. He has both led and facilitated a number of deployments in indus­tries as diverse as electronics, engineered materials, medical devices, chemicals, and healthcare, and has trained and mentored numerous Executives, Champions, and Belts in DFSS, Six Sigma, and Lean. Ian has a strong product development background and co-developed SBTI’s Lean Design, Lean Sigma, K-Sigma (accelerated Lean Sigma), and Healthcare methodologies and curricula.

Prior to joining SBTI, Ian worked for the global engineering group Invensys PLC (the merger of BTR and Siebe) with some 1200+ sites worldwide. Starting out as Development Manager for BTR Technology Services, based in the United Kingdom, and then progressing to Technical Manager, he led the development of Six Sigma based soft­ware tools and their implementation into BTR’s manufacturing sites.

As a Program Manager with BTR C&TG he was involved in key Projects within the BTR Group during strategic acquisitions. One such project, building a new 180,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Tijuana, Mexico, brought Ian to the United States where he still lives with his wife, Veronica, and sons Christian and Sean.

As a Program Manager for Powerware (part of Invensys’ Power Systems Division), Ian led the efforts to lean the Divisions’ New Product Development processes. Moving back into a Divisional role, he then led Invensys’ highly successful Lean Design for Six Sigma deployment. Some 380+ Design Belts within Power Systems alone yielded a 65 times return in less than two years.
He joined SBTI as a Master Consultant in 2001 and SBTI’s Leadership Team as its first Executive Director in February 2003.
Ian holds a Ph.D. and a First-Class Honors degree in Applied Mathematics from Scotland’s St.Andrew’s University.

Lean Sigma: A Practitioner's Guide  by Ian D. Wedgwood
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