Barbara K. Given, "Teaching to the Brain's Natural Learning Systems"

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Barbara K. Given, "Teaching to the Brain's Natural Learning Systems"
Association for Supervision & Curriculum Deve | ISBN 0871205696 | 2002 Year | linked PNG-files | 15,43 Mb | 163 Pages

Although the brain is the most complex entity in the universe, it can be studied broadly as well as in great detail by focusing on five of its major systems: emotional, social, cognitive, physical, and reflective. In Teaching to the Brain's Natural Learning Systems, Barbara K. Given has cautiously investigated brain structures and functions of these five systems and applied findings from neurobiology to education without making leaps of judgment or unfounded claims. Thus, this is the first book that translates neuroscience into an educational framework for lesson planning and teaching.
The framework can serve as a mental model for an ongoing assessment of youngsters' basic human needs to be themselves, to belong, to know, to do, and to experiment and explore. It can also help teachers assess the roles they play (mentor/model, collaborator, facilitator, coach, and talent scout) and the personal/professional qualities they bring to the classroom (passion, vision, intention, action, and reflection). This is a practical book for educators based on current neurobiological insights into learning.