Learning the UNIX Operating System

Posted By: erdem170

Jerry D. Peek, John Strang, Grace Todino and Tim O'Reilly, «Learning the UNIX Operating System»
O'Reilly | ISBN 1565923901 | 1997 Year | 92 Pages

Part basic primer, part reference guide, this slim volume will make your life with UNIX much simpler. This book is specifically designed for those who are new to UNIX and contains neither introductory-level condescension nor advanced-level gibberish. Well-indexed and clearly mapped, Learning the UNIX Operating System will show you how to use and manage files and get your e-mail as well as how to perform more advanced tasks, such as redirecting standard input/output and multitasking your processes. Those new to the UNIX world will appreciate its concise presentation, and those reasonably familiar with UNIX will learn many new shortcuts, tricks, and tools.