Light Her Fire (Audiobook)

Posted By: avaxmore

Dr.Ellen - Light Her Fire (Audiobook) | English | mp3 | 454 MB

"Light His Fire and Light Her Fire [are] guides to keeping your love life fresh, challenging and hot, hot, hot!" – San Diego Union.

"Whether your marriage is in the doldrums, your relationship is on the skids, or you're single and looking for love, Ellen Kreidman shows you how to become a world-class lover…"

This book delivers on the first two promises, for reasons already explained by other reviewers. I believe, though, that the author should have paid more attention to the importance of being a challenge, rather than an ever-willing romantic. Lack of challenge is at least as deadly as lack of romance. I would suggest using these ideas once in a while, giving your partner a glimpse of what you can be, rather than constantly showering her w this approach (as the author seems to suggest).