Martin C. Brown "Linux Transfer for Power Users"

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Hentzenwerke Publishing | Martin C. Brown "Linux Transfer for Power Users" | English | CHM | 9.4 MB

Written for the experienced Microsoft Windows user who does not have time to set up and learn a new operating system and programs alone, this book shows the workings of Linux and reveals its similarities to the user's current software. Users are guided through the world of Linux applications, including word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics processing, e-mail, Internet browsing, pictures, and music and video. Also included is information on file compatibility; how to use Windows programs on a Linux computer, with and without a Windows license; and, for those more technically adept, how things work “under the hood.” This book offers choices that enable users to gain experience with less expensive, more secure operating systems for common applications using Linux.

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For those Windows Users Who are just itching to look under the hood of gnu/Linux or just curious