Linux Toys II 9 New Cool Projects for Home and Office and Entertainment

Posted By: hiteshnaika


Part I: The Basics.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Linux Toys II.

Chapter 2: Finding What You Need.

Part II: Multimedia Projects.

Chapter 3: Creating a Web Photo Gallery.

Chapter 4: Creating a Personal Video Recorder with MythTV.

Chapter 5: Making Bootable Movies with eMoviX.

Part III: Home Projects.

Chapter 6: Customizing a Live Linux Pen Drive.

Chapter 7: Automating Home Lights and Gadgets with X10.

Chapter 8: Setting Up a Game Server with BZFlag.

Chapter 9: Building a Dedicated SOHO Firewall.

Part IV: Small Business Projects.

Chapter 10: Running an Internet Radio Station with Icecast.

Chapter 11: Building a Thin Client Server with LTSP.

Part V: Appendixes.

Appendix A: Using the Linux Toys II CD.

Appendix B: ABCs of Using Linux.

Appendix C: Installing Linux.