Lover's Weekend

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| Lover's Weekend|Author : Anne Hooper |Publisher: DK ADULT; 1 Amer ed|
|Pages: 122x2|PDF|ISBN 078949681X |25.60 MB|English|

Imagine making love in a snowbound chalet and reaching new heights of sexual satisfaction while a fire roars in the fireplace and the wind whistles at the door. Or envision the erotic possibilities of night of raunchy lovemaking in an exotic city. Lover's Weekend explores unique locations that show the reader how different settings can give your sex life a fresh charge, and includes tantalizing lovemaking techniques and new positions to try along the way.

About the Author
Anne Hooper is a noted sex therapist, marriage counselor, and a best-selling author. Her books include Pocket Kama Sutra, Great Sex Guide, Great Sex Games, and Ultimate Sex. She also regularly contributes to magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Elle, Playboy, and Maxim.