Madrigal M., Dulac C., "Madrigal's magic key to French"

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Madrigal M., Dulac C., "Madrigal's magic key to French"

Madrigal M., Dulac C., "Madrigal's magic key to French"
Publisher: Doubleday | 1959 | ISBN: N/A | English/French | PDF | 612 pages | 110.94 Mb

Here are some of the reasons I believe this book to be an excellent learning resource.

1-An easily accessible pronunciation key is found inside the front and back book covers, facilitating quick reference. Ms. Madrical explains the pronunciation of soecific vocal sounds, which do NOT exist in the English language. She uses practical examples from the English language in transmitting her ideas about how yo achieve the physical pronunciation of these particular sounds.

2-Each chapter is organized into sections introducing new vocabulary, concepts, and ideas, written and oral conversations, "mix & match exercises" for interactive creation of sentences, and translation exercises. Proper written applications are as important as reading and speaking.

3-Vocabulary is amassed through the introduction of CONCEPTS and IDEAS; leading to the acquistion of hundreds of vocabulary words at a time; as opposed to learning individual words, one-by-one.

4-Practiced independently or in collective groups, Ms. Madrigal employs exercises which are built on "differentiated learning skills" through actual application; knowledge is reinforced visually, auditively, orally, physically, and using "read-write" applications.

5-Ms. Madrigal minimizes the challenges of learning GRAMMAR in a foreign language by interweaving and synthesizing it throughout individual parts of her lessons. In her books, grammatical acquisition is simplified via easy, comprehensible, and efficient exercises. (It is to be noted, whether you read her language books for English speaking people to learn to speak French, Spanish, Italian, Portugueese or German, she has a gift for transmitting the most difficult lessons of grammar and conjugation of verbs; she makes learning easy by slowly building confidence. She reduces the "overwhelming intimidation" generally associated with beginner start-up.

6-As an international polyglot, the author demonstrates a deep understanding of "differentiated thinking patterns" associated with a foreign language and culture; she anticipates alternative thinking patterns and her remedies are both reflective, insightful, sensitive, and respectful.

7- Finally, this is not a "quick fix" promise to learning a language, but rather a long term, steadfast reliable way to learn. Upon completion of the first lesson, students have immediate satisfaction, knowing they are able to communicate. Encouragement is derived from the fact that one is able to read, write, converse, understand, and make one's self understood.

Source Language: English
Target Language: French
Madrigal M., Dulac C., "Madrigal's magic key to French"

Madrigal M., Dulac C., "Madrigal's magic key to French"