Mark Hatmaker - No Holds Barred Fighting: Savage Strikes

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Mark Hatmaker - No Holds Barred Fighting: Savage Strikes

Mark Hatmaker, «No Holds Barred Fighting: Savage Strikes:
The Complete Guide to Real World Striking for Nhb Competition and Street Defense»

Tracks Publishing, U.S. (1 Jun 2004) | ISBN: 1884654207 | Language: English | PDF | 256 Pages (Photos) | 12 Mb
The techniques taught in this book enable fighters and self-defense students to knockdown and knockout their opponents. Maneuvers covered include the unique no holds barred (NHB) striking stance and the complete NHB striking arsenal-every punch, kick, elbow blow, knee strike, head-butt, forearm shot, and shoulder-butt is detailed. No holds barred defenses are also taught for all of these shots. Instructions on counter-striking sequences and the smart shots to land when the fight hits the mat are also included.

About the author:
Mark Hatmaker is the author of No Holds Barred Fighting and More No Holds Barred Fighting. He is the founder of Extreme Self Protection, a company that compiles, analyzes, and teaches unarmed combat methods. He lives in Knoxville, Tennessee.