Есть ли жизнь на Марсе? Часть 2

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R.Popa, «Between Necessity and Probability: Searching for the Definition and Origin of Life» | «Springer» 2004 | 258 Страниц | PDF

Несмотря на оригинальную фамилию автора, книга довольно интересная.
This study investigates the major theories of the origins of life in the light of modern research with the aim of distinguishing between the necessary and the optional and between deterministic and random influences in the emergence of what we call "life". Life is treated as a cosmic phenomenon whose emergence and driving force should be viewed independently from its Earth-bound natural history. The author synthesizes all the fundamental life-related developments in a comprehensive scenario, and makes the argument that understanding life in its broadest context requires a material-independent perspective that identifies its essential fingerprints.